Кукла фигурка Harry Potter - Гарри Поттер Mattel

Кукла фигурка Harry Potter - Гарри Поттер Mattel ID#6850
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Категории: Фигурки, статуэтки

Теги: фигурка Mattel Harry Potter Гарри Поттер Кукла кукла Гарри фигурка Гарри фигурка Гарри Поттер

Материал: ткань, pvc

Высота: 32 см

Вес - 0.50 kg

Производитель: Mattel

Содержит съёмные детали и одежду

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      • Fans and collectors will love recreating their favorite storylines from the movies and imagining their own!
      • Special details, like his iconic Scar and glasses, make Harry Potter doll look just like his character in the celebrated film series
      • His outfit is based on the signature Hogwarts uniform, with a Gryffindor robe and personalized wand that fans can use to help the young Wizard cast spells and charms
      • Harry Potter doll has eleven "joints" That allow for limitless posing possibilities and action storytelling on his Quest to defeat Lord Voldemort
      • Harry Potter and his friends are better together! Young fans can collect each of their favorite characters for even more fun and expanded play
Размер 32 см
Материал пластик, ткань